Songs about our love


As part of our Anniversary I have been doing a few posts about our love. Music is a big thing for Noah. I think he expresses his love for my more through telling me about a song then through his own words. I love to watch him sing and see how much passion he feels when he sings. Music is a huge part of how he shares his love with me. Whenever Noah and I hear a song we always let the other one … [Read more...]

The love of my life

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 I've done a few facts about our marriage in the last few posts but now I want to talk about some of the reasons I love this guy of mine. He is my partner and my equal. He helps me try to be a better person daily and doesn't let me get away with not being the best I can. He makes up the difference when I am not enough and carries me through when I can't pull my own … [Read more...]

My sweetheart


Our wedding song: Amazed by Lonestar Our first favorite song when we were dating: My best friend First trip: Road trip to California and then to Alabama Married: March 5th 2005 sealed December 2nd 2006 Births of Children: July 2006, August 2008, June 2010, December 2011 Started Dating: July 24th 2003 (I asked him out. He turned me down at first because I was older, but then he came to his … [Read more...]

Together Forever


 Its almost our 10 year Anniversary so I figured over the next 2 weeks I would do some walks down memory land. New years 2010 I think this was our 6th Anniversary. I am so in love with this handsome guy. He really is my best friend. My brothers wedding July 2011 Pregnant with Aowyn at the Boys Pirate birthday party, Summer 2011 Summer 2011 Look at his … [Read more...]

Date Night with my main squeeze


For our 9th Anniversary we were able to go out on a date and just be total dorks.... it doesn't get much better then that. We found some sweet masks at Homegoods and bad a blast freaking people out with them on. We went to PF Changs for dinner (hello!!! most delicious Gluten free Japanese food you can get) We went to H&M and laughed ourselves silly at some of the … [Read more...]