Agency and why God doesn’t have control over everything

boyd k packer quote

The past few days I have been seeing a lot of news stories talking about parents abusing their little children. Most of the time I can't even stomach finishing reading the article because I am just so saddened and sickened by these events. Most of the time I'm sure we tend to think, "Why?" Why did God send these babies to those families? Why could these people have kids when so many great … [Read more...]

My brother in laws accident


Our family has recently gone through a major life changing event. A week and a half before Christmas, on Sunday December 15th around 5:45 am, we were awoken by a call from my mother in law. We know if she is calling this early that it can't be good news. We were informed that my 18 year old brother in law was in a car wreck in the early hours of the morning. He suffered from a traumatic brain … [Read more...]

Women of the church


 (this was taken at the Relief Society Broadcast at the end of September this year. This is a broadcast only for women. A place were we are talked to and encouraged and uplifted.) I have been thinking about the Facebook movement encouraging women of the Latter Day Saint Faith to wear pants to church this Sunday in honor of women's rights and equality in the church, a lot lately. I think … [Read more...]

In the quietness of the night


I wrote this as a quest post on a friends blog a few weeks ago and I really wanted to share it with ya'll. When my oldest was a baby I would hold him in my arms and relish in his perfect and innocent little spirit. I would hold him even when I didn’t have too and I would stare into his big brown eyes and think about his spirit so fresh from Heaven. I can remember all these years later how … [Read more...]

All The judging….Stop it!


This is a topic that has been weighing on my mind a lot lately and today I had an eye opening moment and I figured it was time to share with you my thoughts on the subject of judging others.  We recently moved to a new state and through the process of moving I made myself a promise,  I promised myself that I would be myself. I know it sounds like kind of funny thing to promise yourself, but I … [Read more...]