Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God


I love this video!It says so many of the things I have been pondering on lately.This video give me strength, it gives me hope and it gives me power.I love being a mother, but its a hard job and an under appreciated (by the world) job.Its so comforting to know that we are doing the work of the Lord and the he supports and sustains us in this Eternal Partnership with him.Watch the video and enjoy.Go … [Read more...]

My favorite motherhood books


 Lets be honest for a minute. Can we do that? Lets put all judgement and criticism aside. Being a mom is hard!! And some days we are not always perfect. Some days we yell. Some days we lose our patience. And some days we just want to put ourselves in time out. We want to run and lock the door and hide for a little bit. There are some days where it takes every ounce of energy and love I … [Read more...]



Today I cried.I cried a lot. I cried and I laughed!I reflected and I pondered on a lot of thingsThese two quotes kept running through my mind all day:Hopefully you will find inspiration in them too.I don't think anymore needs to be said then what these two things say.Remember them.Put them somewhere you can see them.And when time is hard think on these things. … [Read more...]

Picking up the pieces after an autism diagnosis


A HUGE aspect of my life has been teetering on the edge of survival for a little over a year now. Its just been sitting there, waiting for the one specific thing to push it to its end.  Some days it seems semi stable and some days barely hanging on as the storms rage on around it. A few weeks ago that aspect of my life came to a shattering end. Two weeks ago my 4 year old was diagnosed with … [Read more...]

I am a Mormon


The Mormon church has been in the news a lot lately. Mitt Romney is Mormon and running for president, so the world wants to know as much as they can about him.The problem is, is that most people are only getting partial truths or misrepresented truths. Its like reading a book but only reading every 50th page. You get parts of it but not the whole story. And then you take those parts and fill … [Read more...]